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Apple Toner, Print Like Original!

Selasa, Mei 31, 2016


Hey there friends! I want to tell you about this one particular ecommerce company called AppleToner. Sebenarnya I’ve known these guys for quite a while and I dah pernah guna services diorang several times dah. AppleToner nie is an online company that specializes in selling all things that have to do with commercial printing. So for semua jenis macam household printer boleh rujuk to them.

Diorang ada carry quite a few mainstream brands macam Samsung, Canon, Hewlett Packard and more so for your average user to memang senang la. Setakat kalau nak beli a laser printer tue memang senang, but diorang nya main business is dealing dengan jenis printer ink that dibuat by 3rd party companies. As in not original la. That being said, they still sell original ink cartridges if ada yang still prefer it.

Back then when my old printer nya printouts keluar faded colours and the dreaded multi-coloured lines tue, I kelam kabut la fikir macamana la nak ganti time-time camni. Otak berserabut pasal rimas my usual printing accessories nya kedai where I would usually get HP ink cartridges dah pindah, and the nearest pun in the city. So ada member I nie sorang recommend la this website.

Since then I always returned to these guys for all my ink cartridge needs. Senang.

Quite impressive jugak la when you consider everything. Printer ink yang diorang deal are compatible toners, which means pricing pun memang murah. A lot of them are almost half cheaper! And quality pun more or less the same. But time dulu, I was quite worried gak la kalau beli mahal-mahal (murah tue memang la murah, but still atas seratus la kan?) tapi quality low. But they memang confident dengan the quality, and even offer a 1 year warranty on all the products that they carry. What did I have to lose la kan? So I ordered my HP ink cartridges dengan diorang and memang puas hati.

Customer service pun quite good and very responsive. Quite customer centric gak la. Siap ada next day delivery gak kalau you place your orders before 2pm. Click kat SINI kalau nak tengok more on their shipping nya terms.

Diorang carry quite a wide selection of products jugak la. Dari laser printer pelbagai brands to an assortment of cartridge, ribbon and toner types. So I really recommend these guys for those of you yang memang in the market to find printing products and nak menyenangkan kerja! So here the full address to make u easy to get there ;


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