Hafiz Zulkafly


Rabu, April 27, 2016


Fashion is a fast changing trends which trends go in and out without us realizing it. Due to this some of us tend to make a few fashion mistakes along the way. We always focus on the fashion mistakes that women make (which are a lot) but how about men. Not only women, men also get trapped as a fashion victim as well. So what are the men fashion mistakes? If you have no idea, check them out below as these fashion mistakes should never be repeated.

1. Sandals + Socks

Men who wear socks with sandals are not a great combination. This trend looks extremely silly as it brings down your style. Some men do not realize that this is a no-no fashion mistake. If you do not to expose your toes, keep it classy and by the book by only wearing those socks with sneakers, leather shoes or loafers. Sandals are to be worn freely and comfortably with NO socks on.

2.   Wrinkled  clothing

Wrinkled clothing is always the obvious fashion mistake that anyone can make. Men who think that it is a ‘style’ should definitely think again. Why? Because wrinkled clothes just show that you are lazy and sloppy. Iron your shirt nicely and feel that extra boost of confidence everywhere you go. Ladies love watching smart looking men with a great sense of style.

3.    3. Stubborn stain

Stubborn stains are those stains you get on your clothes and very hard to get off even after a few washes. To some men, it does not matter as your garment is already clean and has no smell. Wrong as the stain will make others start noticing especially if you have a conversation with the. You may get away with it once or twice but if you do not want to get known as someone sloppy, you better avoid wearing those stubborn stain clothes.


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  1. I'm a woman...n i like to wear sandal + sock...huhuhu...duduk ofis malas nk pkai kasut tp kaki sejuk