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3 Trousers To Wear To Work

Jumaat, Mac 13, 2015


Trousers are a definite must-have for men from all age groups as it is the most versatile pants to be worn to any occasions without looking out of place. Whether you are a student or even a retiree, trousers will always be one the fashion items men should have stored in their closet at home. Men who do not much about fashion, there are three types of trousers which are perfect to be worn to work.

1.Classic Black Formal Pants

The classic black formal pants is one of the must-have trousers for any men to have. Sort of like a LBD or little black dress for women to have in their wardrobe. Men can never go wrong wearing a pair of black formal pants with a business shirt to work. It gives a professional yet mature look which can help you gain the trust of others. Besides, a person’s first impression at work matters a lot.

2.Slim Fit Men Slacks

For the men who prefer a more fitted pair of trousers to wear to the office will definitely love the slim fit men slacks. It cannot be denied that men these days hardly like wearing those baggy formal pants to work anymore. Opt for a trendier yet still formal pair of pants and feel confident all day long.

3.7/8 Patterned Pants

However, for the younger generations, try to wear more hip looking trousers to work. Men who are working in a fun career field or semi casual work setting can absolutely style a 7/8 patterned pants to work. Match the patterned 7/8 trousers with a long sleeved tee or even a white shirt and boat shoes for a complete energetic look.

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  1. Wah wah. Kau patut cuba yang style ke-3 tu. Pastu instakan kaki anda haha

    1. i prefer the plain one than pattern one.
      i rather die than wear it.

  2. aku suka slim fit..tak kira klik jugak!

  3. lelaki yg pakai patterned pants tu memang nampak fashionable at the same time, so gay. hahahhaa. sorry to say, but i dont loike guy in patterned pants, sbb nampak. . as i mentioned earlier. lol. the plain one is better option. :3

    1. hahaha im on your side too.
      give me five ~ hahaha

  4. Balasan
    1. haha apis pon prefer yang no 2.
      smart casual gitu. ehehe